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Quality Assurance

“Seeing is believing,free samples are upon request.”

As a purchaser in the food industry, I believe your first concern is the safety of the product. As a food manufacturer with nearly 20 years of production experience, we mainly control product quality from the following aspects, so that you can buy with confidence and your guests Safe to use:

First, we must first have food safety awareness

As a manager, you must have food safety awareness, such as complying with national and local food hygiene regulations, including food safety laws, hygiene standards and specifications, etc. Establish and implement quality management systems, such as ISO 22000 food safety management system, to ensure food safety control in all aspects of the production process.

Not only managers must have food safety awareness, workers must also have a strong food safety awareness, and they must be regularly trained on food safety knowledge, such as food protection. Good operational training during production. And make sure every worker is in good health.

Second, take action to ensure food safety

1. Soil and moisture testing to ensure there is no radiation contamination. Testing will be conducted every year.

2. Select first grade seeds, no pesticide residues during grow, and certified organic.All our plant bases are need to our factory to ensure we always use fresh raw materials for production.

3.Third, we have our own laboratory, where every batch of products must be tested, and only if the products are qualified ,like micro,visual,size,bulk index ,pesticide residue ,allergen ,then will be shipped out of the factory, and we also o regularly sent samples to third-party testing agencies for testing.Like SGS.

3. The production equipment is complete, De-stoning,magnet, color sorter, X-ray machine, metal detector, screening. And check and clean regularly.

And we always choose the modern and efficient equipment to produce top quality products.

Re-drying,sieving,granulating  and powdering are follow customers’ specifications to produce.

Air conditional surrounding for hand sorting workshop.All products need to go through color sorter first,then go through twice hand sorting.

criss-crossing magnetic rods and Metal detector imported from Japan to remove ferrous and & non-ferrous.

We guarantee that all products are 100% natural, without any additives, NON GMO.

Produce the highest quality dehydrated vegetables and spices for you.

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26-40 ground garlic
Spices Garlic Powder (1)
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