• 2024 Chinese garlic harvest forecast
  • 2024 Chinese garlic harvest forecast

2024 Chinese garlic harvest forecast

From the current early-maturing garlic sprouts (Sichuan variety garlic sprouts), the output is far less than that in 2023. The output of garlic sprouts in 2023 is 1,700 kilograms/mu, and the quantity in 2024 is 1,000 kilograms/mu. Affected by the climate, the production of garlic sprouts is reduced, because early-maturing varieties are affected by frost damage. The impact is greater, resulting in reduced garlic sprout production.

 Some people can roughly judge the growth of garlic this year based on the number of garlic sprouts produced per mu. According to feedback from farmers, 2022 will be a bumper harvest year for garlic, with a yield of 2,200 jins/mu, and 2023 will be a year of reduced production, with a yield of 1,700 jins/mu.

The weather after harvesting the garlic sprouts is crucial to the success of the subsequent garlic harvest, because the weather is crucial for the three weeks after harvesting the garlic sprouts, which is a critical period for the growth of garlic heads. If the weather is at its highest,

 As long as the temperature is maintained at around 28 degrees and the weather is good, garlic production will not be affected. If there is rainy weather or high temperatures above 33 degrees continue to occur, garlic production will be affected.

 So, everything has to be just speculation.

 Moreover, all judgments and analyzes are no match for the operation of capital.

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Post time: May-07-2024