• 2024 dust-free workshop of dehydrated garlic granules and garlic powder.
  • 2024 dust-free workshop of dehydrated garlic granules and garlic powder.

2024 dust-free workshop of dehydrated garlic granules and garlic powder.

Dehydrated garlic granules and garlic powder production line process workshop


The entrance to the dehydrated garlic powder and dehydrated garlic granule production workshop.Here is the laboratory, sample room, and changing room. All goods sent out must be sealed and stored for one year. First, it is convenient to compare the quality in the future and ensure different batches of goods ,be as consistent as possible. The second is to enable retrospective inspection in case of quality objections in the future.


Next is the dehydrated garlic granule and garlic powder processing workshop. This is the passage into the workshop and also the viewing passage. In this way, the production inside can be seen through the glass. Customers no longer have to worry about being smelly of garlic when they come to visit.


First, let’s take a look at the overall dust-free workshop of dehydrated garlic granules and garlic powder.


The re-dried garlic slices on the first floor are moved up to the second floor through the elevator. The first priority is to remove the garlic skin, and at the same time pass through a garlic powder removal equipment. After all, there cannot be powder in the production of garlic granules.


Then on to the second device, remove coarse garlic powder.
Garlic skin in the garlic is also a headache and affects the quality of the product, so the next step is to remove the garlic skin in the garlic slices again.


At the same time, remove the garlic stems and garlic skin from the garlic slices.


Remove the garlic skin again. Now there is less garlic skin and there are some small pieces garlic flakes in the garlic skin. This kind of garlic needs to be processed again to pick out the garlic skin for production.


Then it goes through the destoning machine and two color sorters, and then enters the process of producing garlic granules.


The garlic granules produced will definitely contain garlic powder, so the garlic powder must be screened out first.


At the same time, the garlic skin inside the garlic granules is removed, and then passed through the color sorter twice to remove the blackheads and rotten scars inside the garlic granule. Finally, it goes through the AI ​​intelligent identification machine to ensure that there are no other impurities and is placed in the semi-finished product warehouse.
When packaging, it goes through a metal detector and is packaged according to the different requirements of the customer. Some are directly packaged in conventional packaging, 12.5 kg per bag, 2 bags per box, some in kraft paper bags, and some in small packages, such as 5 pounds per bag.
This is a brief introduction to the production of dehydrated garlic granules. For more detailed information, please contact our sales staff.

Post time: Mar-04-2024