• 2024 Gulf Food Exhibition visit customers in the Middle East
  • 2024 Gulf Food Exhibition visit customers in the Middle East

2024 Gulf Food Exhibition visit customers in the Middle East

It is said that the Middle East is a very wealthy place and a transit port for world trade, but we have very few customers in the Middle East. I heard that Middle Easterners like to eat condiments very much, so we thought about our dehydrated garlic powder, dehydrated garlic flakes, and Is there a market for paprika powder and sweet paprika there? We decided to investigate this year.

Thanks to the introduction from one of our customers in Europe. He is very familiar with Dubai in the Middle East. He introduced me to the market in Deira. There are many shops selling condiments and many companies there. He suggested that we take a walk there. Visit them. We can also take the opportunity to let our friends take a break and broaden their horizons, so after the New Year holiday in 2024, we will set off to the Middle East.

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Not only did we go to the market, but we also went to the Gulf Food Show, and of course we didn't have a stall. I discovered that the market for dehydrated garlic powder is not very big, and the price is extremely low. But the market for paprika powder is huge, and although the price is very low, it is still acceptable. What’s very interesting is that this time actually closed two customers. This is our first time visiting customers abroad without appointment. Although the transaction volume is not very large, it allows us to understand the needs of the Middle East market. If an exhibition company invites us to participate in an exhibition in the future, we will definitely not go.

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In any case, the harvest was good. Although the journey was very hard and the cost was quite a lot, it felt worth it and we had a lot of fun.

Post time: Mar-12-2024