• 7 kinds of alkaline foods are good for the body. You can eat more of them at ordinary times.
  • 7 kinds of alkaline foods are good for the body. You can eat more of them at ordinary times.

7 kinds of alkaline foods are good for the body. You can eat more of them at ordinary times.

I believe many people often hear about acidic foods and alkaline foods. Acidic foods refer to various foods that easily burden the body, while alkaline foods refer to foods that do not burden the body during digestion. Eating more alkaline foods every day is good for the body, especially the following ones, which can improve resistance and reduce the incidence of cancer.


What alkaline foods are good for the body?

1. Garlic

Garlic contains fat-soluble volatile oils, a substance that activates the body's macrophages and improves the body's ability to fight cancer. Modern medicine has pointed out that garlic can change the reaction properties of fibroids and inhibit the growth of cancer cells. There are also studies showing that specially processed garlic extract has an inhibitory effect on lung cancer, skin cancer, liver cancer and other cancers.

2. Onions

Onions can also prevent and fight cancer. Because onions contain a substance that can reduce nitrite content, people who eat onions regularly are 25% less likely to develop gastric cancer than people who eat less onions.

3. Asparagus

Asparagus is a green food and is known as the king of anti-cancer. Asparagus is rich in nutrients that can inhibit the spread of cancer cells and reduce the activity of cancer cells. It can also stimulate immune function and enhance the body's resistance to cancer.

4. Spinach

Spinach contains carotene, vitamins, trace elements and other substances, as well as folic acid, which can help prevent diseases such as rectal cancer, breast cancer, and colon cancer.

5. Bitter Melon

Bitter melon is a highly alkaline food. It contains vitamin B1, vitamin B2 and other beneficial ingredients. Bitter melon can inhibit the canceration of normal cells and has a certain anti-cancer effect. In addition, bitter melon extract can also help lower blood sugar. Diabetic patients can eat bitter melon appropriately, which can not only lower blood sugar but also help reduce the incidence of cancer.

6. Mulberry

Mulberry is also a common alkaline substance. It contains resveratrol, a substance that can reduce the growth of cancer cells and inhibit the spread of cancer cells. Moreover, mulberries contain vitamin C, which can scavenge free radicals and reduce free radical damage to organs.

7. Carrot

Carrots contain carotene, which is converted into vitamin A after entering the body. Vitamin A is also an anti-cancer substance and can also protect the eyes. In addition, carrots also contain other substances that can reduce heart disease, enhance resistance, and prevent colds.

Warm reminder: Various alkaline substances can regulate the acid-base balance of the body and can also help prevent cancer. You can eat more of them daily. In addition, you should eat more fruits, vegetables, and foods with high protein and vitamins every day, which can enhance your resistance and also help prevent diseases. Be careful to eat less spicy, fried, and grilled foods. These foods are high in calories and can easily stimulate cells, cause diseases, and increase the incidence of cancer.

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Post time: Mar-25-2024