• Chinese Garlic and Garlic Flakes Price Daily Report
  • Chinese Garlic and Garlic Flakes Price Daily Report

Chinese Garlic and Garlic Flakes Price Daily Report

Fresh Chinese garlic

Today(20230719)The market is weak, the price drops significantly, and the transaction volume is average.

Continuing yesterday's weak trend, today's market has not improved, but has accelerated its decline. Judging from the volume of shipments, the supply volume is sufficient. Although there was a slight decrease in the afternoon, compared with the current procurement intensity, the supply volume is still high. The market continues to be sluggish, traders and farmers are more motivated to sell garlic, and it is not uncommon for them to voluntarily make concessions on prices. The number of collectors basically maintains the normal number, and the price of garlic is generally lowered. In the afternoon, the enthusiasm for individual new garlic purchases increased slightly, but the garlic price reduction was still relatively strong. In terms of garlic prices, the decline is a consensus, ranging from five or six cents to more than ten cents.

Today, the market for old garlic in the cold warehouse is weak and the shipment are less, but the price is more resilient than the new garlic, and its decline is only between three and four cents.

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Dehydrated garlic flakes (material for garlic flakes export, garlic granules and garlic powder )

The market of dehydrated garlic flakes is weak, the volume of new products is reduced, and speculators are not motivated to buy dehydrated garlic flakes. Dehydrated garlic manufacturers purchase according to demand at lower prices. The overall transaction volume of garlic flakes is not large, and the price has dropped slightly。2023 crop garlic flakes RMB 19500--20400 PER TON, Old crop garlic flakes RMB 19300--20000 PER TON, High pungency garlic flakes RMB 19800--20700 per ton

Chinese Garlic and garlic flakes  Price Daily Report

Post time: Jul-18-2023