• Professionalism Must Come from Long-Term Persistence
  • Professionalism Must Come from Long-Term Persistence

Professionalism Must Come from Long-Term Persistence

It is said that it is difficult to find new customers. In fact, it is also difficult for customers and procurement to find a reliable supplier. Especially for international trade. What are the difficulties?

The first is the problem of distance. Even if customers come to China occasionally to visit the factory, they cannot always stare at the factory, unless the quantity is large and there are inspectors hired for a long time in China.

Secondly, the time cost is very high. If the customer does not have a long-term professional inspector in China, it will cost a lot of time to find a supplier and try to cooperate.

Some people may say that they have seen many trading companies at the exhibition, and they may be very powerful or professional. The current situation of Chinese trading companies is that it is very easy to set up a company, and there is not much cost for going abroad and subsidizing subsidies. A good trading company will send people to the factory to inspect the goods. Small trading companies, or trading companies far away from the factory, will not inspect the goods at all considering the cost.

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The real inspection of the goods is to know what the raw materials are from the moment the raw materials are imported, not to look at a few boxes after the finished product is made. Especially like our dehydrated garlic powder, dehydrated garlic granules, made into powder and granulated, how many people can tell what raw material it is? Dehydrated garlic has many different grades, and the price of various raw materials varies by several thousand yuan per ton.

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It occurred to me this morning that I have lived into my 40s and have been selling garlic for nearly 20 years. Served the largest customers OLAM, Sensient, from the delivery to the most stringent customers in Japan and Germany, to the supply of feed-grade garlic powder and garlic granules at a very low price to customers in Europe and Southeast Asia. From carton packaging to kraft paper bag packaging, from 1kg packaging to jumbo bag packaging. From regular garlic powder to roasted garlic powder, to fried garlic. Do you think I am professional enough?

My specialty, the benefit to you is that you can save time and cost, recommend suitable goods to you, reduce procurement costs, give you new market data, help you analyze the market, find the best purchasing opportunity, and expand production.

Post time: Jul-20-2023