• Technology Empowers Product Quality 1
  • Technology Empowers Product Quality 1

Technology Empowers Product Quality 1

Everyone knows that technology makes life convenient and technology makes life better. In fact, technology has empowered all aspects of life, not only increasing production, but also greatly improving the quality of our products.

We are a factory producing dehydrated garlic products in China, our products are mainly dehydrated garlic flakes, dehydrated garlic powder, dehydrated garlic granules. In 2004, when I just graduated and started working in a dehydrated garlic factory, it was really a booming scene: because there were so many people, from the first step, it took hundreds of people to cut the roots of garlic, and of course hundreds of people are needed now, because there is no machine suitable for garlic root cutting.

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The second step in the production of dehydrated garlic flakes is to remove the garlic skin. Nowadays, air is generally used, which not only has high yield, but also does not hurt the garlic cloves when removing the garlic skin, which ensures the quality of the product. Now not only produce garlic slices without root peel garlic with air, but also peel them with air for garlic flakes with root. In the past, after the garlic is separated to clove , it is stirred in the pool to remove the garlic skin, which requires a lot of workers.

The third step in the production of dehydrated garlic is to select garlic clove. Of course, this is for dehydrated garlic slices without roots. After peeling, the quality of the garlic clove can be seen at a glance. Before there was no machine, picking garlic was also a huge team. Now there are color sorters, and each factory has more than one. After the machine is selected, it is manually selected again to ensure the quality. There is also a stone removal machine, which is also equipment that has only been available in recent years.

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Usually the above steps are called pre-treatment in the production of dehydrated garlic slices. These steps greatly affect the quality of dehydrated garlic flakes.

Post time: Jul-19-2023