• Who Can Predict the Price Trend of Garlic in China
  • Who Can Predict the Price Trend of Garlic in China

Who Can Predict the Price Trend of Garlic in China

Since 2016, the price of garlic in China has reached a record high, and many people have gained huge benefits from garlic storage, which has led to more and more funds flowing into the garlic industry in recent years. The price of Chinese garlic is not only affected by the relationship between supply and demand, but also affected by funds like stock market.

Although it is affected by funds, there are generally a few points in time that change greatly. For example, in October, the garlic planting season, at the end of October and early November, after the planting area comes out, the size of the planting area will be an aspect that affects the price. Another factor is the weather, especially in winter, when there are abnormal changes in the weather, such as extremely cold, and the weather before Qingming, it will also affect the fluctuation of garlic prices.
Therefore, due to the influence of many factors, the possibility of accurately predicting the annual price does not exist. Even a large dehydrated garlic factory like Linyi went bankrupt because of participating in garlic futures. Therefore, as a dehydrated garlic factory, we should earnestly produce dehydrated garlic slices, dehydrated garlic granules, and dehydrated garlic powder according to the contract, and serve customers well. Purchasing on demand, and timely feedback the market situation to customers according to the market situation.

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Although life sometimes requires some adventurous spirit, we prefer to be safe, responsible for workers and customers, and long-term stable development is what we need. Just like we have been doing dehydrated garlic for nearly 20 years, I hope that after 20 years, when you are looking for an excellent professional dehydrated garlic manufacturer in China, you can still find us.

Post time: Jul-20-2023