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Like dehydrated garlic granules, the quality of dehydrated garlic powder is also due to the different raw materials used, and there are many grades of quality. You can tell me your target price and quality requirements, and I will help you refer to them.

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First of all, we hope that our factory direct price and nearly 20 years professionalism in dehydrated garlic can help you reduce procurement costs, increase market share, and increase sales profits

In terms of mesh size, there are coarse powder and fine powder. The so-called coarse powder is 80-100 mesh, which is directly obtained from garlic granules of 40-80 mesh. Our factory manager often said that knowledgeable customers like to buy 80-100 mesh coarse powder, because the raw materials for garlic granules are not too bad. Of course, the raw materials used as feed pellets are excluded, so the corresponding 80-100 mesh dehydrated garlic powder will be more expensive.

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The fine powder is 100-120 mesh dehydrated garlic powder. Because it is ground into powder, we don’t know what the raw material is before it is crushed into garlic powder, so some customers prefer to buy garlic slices and grind them by themselves. Of course, because the raw materials are different, the price is also different.

In recent years, customers have higher and higher requirements for dehydrated garlic powder. It is almost unheard of before 2015, such as the detection of peanut allergens, especially the strict requirements of customers in Europe and the United States, so we must first confirm the customers Requirements, we will send samples, and quote prices accordingly.

There is also the requirement for microorganisms in dehydrated garlic powder. If the customer accepts irradiation, this is the best solution. If it is unacceptable and the requirements for microorganisms are extremely low, then garlic flakes with extremely low microorganisms must be used. Of course, the quality is good and the price is high.

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The packaging of dehydrated garlic powder is the same as that of dehydrated garlic granules. The standard packaging is 12.5 kg per aluminum foil bag, 2 bags per box. The difference from dehydrated garlic powder is that there is an inner bag inside the aluminum foil bag. The 20ft container can load 18 tons. In addition to conventional packaging, we can also pack according to different requirements of different customers, like garlic slices, such as 5 lbs x 10 bags per carton, 10 kg x 2 bags per carton, 1 kg x 20 bags per carton, or in kraft paper bags, or even Pallet packing is fine.

In the past, the most common problems reported by customers of dehydrated garlic powder were iron filings and fine garlic skins. In order to improve product quality, we specially customized 20,000 Gauss magnetic rods, which were staggeredly installed at the discharge port. We also purchased an ultra-fine vibrating sieve, through which all the powder will pass through before packaging.

We have been in the dehydrated garlic industry for nearly 20 years, and we have been continuously improving based on customer feedback on quality. Today, we can confidently provide you with professional services and products. Hurry up and contact our sales to know more about dehydrated garlic powder.

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