• Reliable Minced Garlic Granules China Supplier
  • Reliable Minced Garlic Granules China Supplier

Reliable Minced Garlic Granules China Supplier

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I am a college professor and I also worked with my sister in her dehydrated garlic factory during my first few years as a teacher in college. So in the name of a university professor, if you are looking for a supplier of dehydrated garlic products. I recommend you my sister and their products.

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It is very difficult for any entrepreneur to start. My sister also had a difficult time when she started to make dehydrated garlic. I still remember the first time we went out to participate in the exhibition together, because she was worried that her English was not good, so she let me went with her. It was in 2010. We went to a Moscow food exhibition together. Of course, the main display was the dehydrated garlic flakes and dehydrated garlic powder produced by her factory. At that time, a customer actually ordered it. Dehydrated garlic granules made with derooted garlic slices, we were all surprised at the time, because this kind of quality is very good, and the price is very high. So this is what my sister often said, the quality requirements cannot be judged by any country, it depends on the specific requirements of different customers.

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Of course, this trip was also very pleasant. We also went to St. Petersburg together, a very beautiful place that I miss very much.

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Later, I went to Korea for her to participate in an exhibition. Of course, the main exhibits were dehydrated garlic and other products. As a professional dehydrated garlic manufacturer, although the product is very single, but for the sake of professionalism, it has only produced garlic-related products for so many years. With the different needs of customers, they then started to produce roasted garlic powder and roasted garlic granules. Fried garlic, but these are basically custom-made, produced according to the customer's order.

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Although I also know their products very well, I still suggest that you contact my sister directly.

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