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Do you know how dehydrated garlic powder is produced? You will definitely say that it is produced with garlic slices, then you may be wrong.

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Few factories directly use dehydrated garlic flakes to produce dehydrated garlic powder. Basically, they are naturally produced during the production of dehydrated garlic granules. Generally, when 40-80 mesh dehydrated garlic granules are produced separately, nearly 30% of the garlic powder will be produced at the same time. However, many customers only buy garlic granules, resulting in more and more garlic powder leftovers. Therefore, under normal circumstances, the price of garlic powder will be much lower than that of garlic granules. Therefore, garlic powder basically does not make money, as long as the cost is enough.

If there are customers who can buy garlic granules and garlic powder at the same time, it will be the best situation for the factory.

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Garlic powder is produced directly from garlic flakes, or directly and naturally produced from garlic granules, which is the best quality powder. I have a customer who never buys garlic powder. He said that because it is ground into powder, you don't know what it is before it is ground into powder. But it is indeed because of the price that some defective garlic slices are used for powdering. But in any case, it is 100% pure garlic without any extraneous ingredients. So this is why some factories say that any price of powder can be made. Because it is ground into powder, you can't tell whether it is pure garlic powder, and some people even use garlic skin to produce garlic powder.

So, find a reliable dehydrated garlic powder supplier, don’t waste money, and make every penny you spend worth it.

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